Asphalt Splitter, 6 litre approx. 1kg capacity

to break down asphalt samples for testing


The asphalt splitter is used to break down and crumble asphalt samples to facilitate bulk density and other laboratory testing purposes, by reducing the granulating time in few minutes with high quality results.
A rough asphalt sample of approximately 1kg is poured into the stainless steel bowl. The bowl has three rotating paddles at the bottom.
Once the cover is closed the machine can be started and within one to three minutes the three paddles break down and crumble the sample into a granular form. The longer the grinding time, the smaller the grain size achieved.
The bowl is tilted to discharge the sample into the supplied self-supporting pan.
A hinged noise reducing cabinet protects the bowl during operation and a microswitch prevents the splitter from running whilst the cover is open, conforming to the CE Safety Directive.


Stainless steel bowl 6 litres capacity
Multirange timer sec/min/hour
Main switch Start/Stop button
Rotating paddles Switch for reverse mode
Paddles speed 1400 rpm
Power supply 230V 50Hz 1500W
Dimensions 490mm x 730mm x 855mm high


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