with integral balance to AASHTO T 308-10, ASTM D6307-10 & BSEN 12697-39:2012


Designed to measure the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt (HMA) using loss on ignition, in accordance with AASHTO T 308-10, ASTM D6307-10 & BSEN 12697-39:2012.
The integral microprocessor controlled weighing and calculation system is configurable to allow variations to the standard test method. Test result reports are available in both printed and software format. The high temperature afterburner minimises the production of noxious waste fumes. Supplied complete with 2 sets of sample baskets

Test Principles

Flexible enough for most methods derived from the ASTM, AASHTO and BS/EN loss on ignition standards, the BM120 replaces the older solvent based test methods.
Calibration factors are first calculated, using either pre-determined asphalt mixes as a benchmark or aggregate only samples in order to correct for small amounts of volatile components present within the aggregate itself. Also the effect of airflow passing through the chamber is tested and adjusted by a lift correction factor.
Sample size is based on the aggregates’ nominal particle size, which is collected using standard sampling methods. Its weight before ignition is measured on a balance outside the furnace. The appropriate test recipe is entered or selected from the library, the sample is then loaded into the preheated furnace and the test is started.
For operator safety the door remains locked until the test is completed. The end point is automatically detected by the BM120 using absolute or percentage weight changes, whichever is required by the standard method used. The test end-point is signalled by an audible alarm and the results are automatically printed.

  • Simple to navigate 5.7″ touchscreen control with secure Supervisor & Operator settings
  • Avoids the health, environmental & waste management issues & expense associated with the older solvent extraction methods
  • Best in class afterburner technology reduces emissions
  • Has the capacity for large sample sizes for more accurate results (maximum sample is 4.5 kg)
  • Average test times from 20 mins for 6 mm aggregates, to 45 mins for 40 mm aggregates


  • Automatic calculation of final sample weight & binder % result
  • Adjustable aggregate and hot mix asphalt correction factors
  • Multi-lingual interface: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian & Russian language display. Other languages are available to order
  • Easy naming, storage & recall of recipes that can be transferred between ABA 7/35B units
  • Precise weight measurements displayed to 0.1 g resolution


  • USB data output and permanent (dot-matrix) printed reports
  • Fail safe door lock system
  • Sample trays guided and loaded onto robust stainless steel balance pan extension within the chamber
  • High thermal efficiency insulation material with robust refractory brick door surround
  • Double skin case construction for cool outer case
  • Woven glass fibre door seal with stainless steel wire reinforcement
Maximum temperature 750 °C
Dimensions Internal 220 x 350 x 450
H x W x D (mm)
Dimensions External 980 x 600 x 775
H x W x D (mm)
Configuration Bench-top
Thermocouple type K
Weight 120kg
Maximum power 8000W


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