Abrasion Testing Machine

supplied without abrasive charges to EN 1097-2, ASTM C131, UNI 8520-19, EN 12697-17, EN 12697-43, NF P18-573, UNE 83116 -AASHTO T96, CNR N. 34, NLT 325


EN1097-2 specifies two test methods, one is the Los Angeles Machine and the other is the Impact Tester (AG400).

LosThe Los Angeles Abrasion Machine consists of a cylinder, manufactured from structural steel plate, which is rotated about its horizontal axis. The cylinder has an internal removable shelf compliant with both the ASTM test method and the EN1097-2 test.

A full width bolted cover protects the filling aperture and a steel tray is provided for specimen unloading. The Los Angeles machine is fitted with a revolution counter, which can be pre-set to stop after a set number of revolutions and a safety stop button.


Length 950mm
Width 830mm
Height 930mm
Weight 355kg
Power 220-240V 50Hz1ph


Abrasive Charges

These must be ordered separately, according to the required test method.

AG177 Set of Abrasive Charges to EN AG178 Set of Abrasive Charges to ASTM


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